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Filters The requirements for filters of wire and sinking EDM machines are constantly increasing. Therefore you can rely on the quality MANN+HUMMEL products. Years of practical work and close partnership with manufacturers of erosion machines have made the company what it is today: expert in filtration of dielectric fluids for EDM machines. MANN + HUMMEL is able to offer a wide range of products with filtration degree of 1 to 25 μm for all well-known producers worldwide. The company’s developping engineers work together with manufacturers of erosion machines to improve the filters according to EDM processing. This ensures the best possible system operation. Therefore, during the service you have to use MANN + HUMMEL original products. Effective filtration allows high quality workpiece processing, and also lower production costs. Defects in the filter quality can make the process more expensive. These defects can be detected by the following: - poor surface quality and accuracy of the workpiece; - locked flushing nozzles; - increased resin consumption; - sediment in filling and cooling systems; - increased corrosive layer. The results are increased operating costs and intensive erosion wear of your EDM machine. Therefore, to be sure in the quality, select the MANN + HUMMEL products. By using filtration specified level and selection of top quality materials, you will obtain: - processing stability; - excellent workpiece quality; - smooth operation of the EDM machine; - longer filters service life; - higher efficiency; - dielectric cleaning as an objective of the manufacturer. The brand name of MANN + HUMMEL is proved and approved by manufacturers and operators of EDM machines. Premium and E-line (Economy Line) - two perfect solutions. With MANN-HUMMEL, you can choose between two products for your wire and sinking erosion machine. The H15190/16 Premium model has proven quality for erosion machines. It is recommended by machine manufacturers and offers the longest service life. The new E-line is highly cost-effective alternative implementation of copied products with following advantages: - maximal filtration capacity – the same as of H 15 190/16; - without chemical contamination of the dielectric fluid; - excellent service life. MANN-HUMMEL are development partner of Agie and Charmilles. Therefore, Premium and E-line products are proven for use with these machines. The new H15190 and H15475/1 Now, a new generation EDM filters is available: H15190 for wire and H15475/1 for sinking AGIE and Charmilles erosion machines. An effective costs reduction by using of these products has been proven. This has been achieved with a new production technology. The end covers are now attached to plastic discs in the initial soldering process instead of adhesives using. Additional benefits: - longer service life thanks to the improved filter surface; - without influx of ions from the adhesive to the dielectric; - savings of operating costs and disposables. Paper filters – erosion process optimization. By filtration of the dielectric fluid in the EDM machines, paper filters gain immerses popularity with their definite filtration level. Long time the manufactures of EDM machines stood aside from the advantages of paper filters. Now they use more and more paper filters with definite filtration degree by the erosion machines. Reasons for this are the increasing requirements for precise surface machining. Paper filters achieve high filtration accuracy, that are proven in conventional multi-stage testing according to ISO 4548-12 in the testing laboratories of MANN-HUMMEL. The test results show that paper filters offer precise filtration and high stability. MANN-HUMMEL – the leader in the field of filtration of dielectric fluids recommends the filter H15 475/1 for sinking EDM machines. Comparative tests with traditional plate filters have shown that H15475/1 has significantly better filtration performance and a longer service life. The end covers of paper filters are directly connected to the paper bellows. This allows the dirtied dielectric fluid to flow completely through the paper, thereby ensuring the defined filter fineness. The filtration quality increases after about 1 hour operation by the presence of deposit on the filter surface. Then H15475/1 achieves its best performance and stability removing particles larger than 3 μm. Furthermore, the paper filters give machine users accurate information about the need for filter servicing. The differential pressure on the filter reliably indicates the point when the maximum possible amount of dirt has been accumulated, then the filter should be replaced.