The wire EDM machine is designed to manufacture tooling (dies, molds, different punch and die tooling, fittings, etc.) and complex configured parts of hardened steel and difficult-to-machine materials. Effective is also the machining of single piece parts. Details are processed by cutting without direct contact between tool and workpiece, and without swarf separation. It consists of a working machine, impulse generator, microprocessor CNC system and aggregate for ionized water. The cutting is done by an electrode-tool and a wire of molybdenum, copper, brass and tungsten. It cuts through the workpiece and moves perpendicularly or at an angle to the workpiece, describing the desired path.The cutting is accomplished by supplying of impulse voltage between the electrode-tool and electrode-workpiece and as result occurs electrical corrosion. The impulse generator generates current pulses with rectangular values and frequency. They are chosen depending on the concrete working conditions and roughness requirements of the treated surfaces. Reproduction and describing of the requested loop is done through a workpiece movement on X or Y axis. De-ionized water under pressure is brought in the area of electrical spark cutting and is flowed the wire. The workpiece may be or not in the same water bath. Except for working fluid, the de-ionized water performs the cooling function and brings out of the cutting area the spark erosion products. Microcomputer system introduces a contour cutting program in dialog mode and manages the entire working cycle. At any moment, the machine operator diagnosis and monitors the successful operation of all machine blocks. The wire is controlled by interface connected to the machine system. The company Iskra-EDM performs the following activities: It is official representative of Novotec (manufacturer of consumables and spare parts for the brands Agie, Charmilles, Fanuc, Makino, Ona and etc.); It is specialized in sales and supply of CNC controlled electric discharge machines (EDM): wire EDMs with injection and immersion and sinker EDMs; Perform electro-erosion services with CNC machines and volume. Manufactures dies and molds for drawing the customer. It performs service activities for all brands EDM machines.